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  • August 28, 2012 - led by Namita Kumari
    2,539 views | 9 members
    This Community of Practice has been set-up in the background of the recent announcement about the new UNESCO Chair on Community-based Research(CBR), instituted with the mandate to support the enhancement of such capacity, especially in the global south. We would like to engage all of us to share mor...
  • January 14, 2013 - led by Anshuman Karol
    2,197 views | 89 members
    Practice in Participation ( on behalf of Logo Link – Learning Initiative on Citizen Participation and Local Governance (, invites your participation in the online Community of Practice (COP) on “Right to Participation in Local Democratic Governance”...

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  • January 25, 2013
    PRIA (Society for Participatory Research in Asia) with support of Arghyam, Bangalore, and in collaboration with SROUT, Korba, is pursuing a year-long Action Research on implementation of the provision of the Panchayat Extension to Scheduled Area (PESA) Act -1996, with f... read more



    PRIA has engaged with academia in a multitude of interventions, bringing community and practitioner knowledge into the portals of traditional research institutions and processes. By doing this, PRIA has helped Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) realize their social responsibility towards a community’s needs and aspirations. This document traces PRIA’s work in promoting community engagement within HEIs in India and beyond. The experience, garnered over three decades, have been classified into six categories to highlight the different forms PRIA’s interventions as a facilitator have taken to build bridges between the world of formal research, the practitioner knowledge of civil society actors and the experiential knowledge of local communities. The experiences discussed in this paper are not intended to be comprehensive; a few specific interventions are described under each category to illustrate the nature of the engagements fostered and the practices promoted.

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    The Pehchan Training Curriculum supports Community Systems Strengthening (CSS) for MSM, transgender and hijra organisations. It was developed by community experts in India and is one of the first comprehensive CSS curricula for vulnerable sexual minorities working in the HIV response.


    About Pehchan: Pehchan is a five-year programme supported by the Global Fund that strengthens and builds the capacity of 201 community-based organizations (CBOs) in 17 states of India to advance HIV prevention. Implemented by a consortium led by India HIV/AIDS Alliance and six sub-recipient partners (Humsafar Trust; Sangama; Pehchan North Region Office: SAATHII; Alliance India Andhra Pradesh; and SIAAP), Pehchan collaborates with India’s Department of AIDS Control and will reach as many as 450,000 MSM, transgenders and hijras by 2015. It remains the Global Fund’s largest single-country grant to date focused on the HIV response for vulnerable sexual minorities.


    Pehchan provides a range of technical support and capacity building, including training to build necessary competencies among CBO staff. The Pehchan training curriculum has been developed to ensure that CBO staff understand organisational issues and are able to address ongoing challenges of programme implementation. While these modules have been developed for use in India, they can be adapted for different cultural contexts.

    Pehchan celebrates this milestone and our partners and community members who contributed to this remarkable resource. Special thanks to the Global Fund and the Department of AIDS Control for their support.


    The complete curriculum can be accessed at:

    - Curriculum guide (PDF; 1.1 MB):      Curriculum%20Guide.pdf

    - Complete curriculum without multimedia tools (PDF; 8 MB): 

    - Complete  curriculum with all multimedia tools (Zip file; 2.4 GB):

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    Youth for Social Development (YSD) is a not-for-profit independent social research and development organization established in 2005, based in Odisha, India. YSD conducted this study during early 2014 to find and get an idea how ‘Odiya MPs operate and utilize their part of funds’. The basic objective of the study is to assess the spending pattern of MPLADS funds in Odisha 2009-14. YSD believes, this report will be immense useful and give direction to the political parties, candidates and current MPs and voters to know the spending and performance of the elected representatives in the coming general election in India.

    1 Comment | 501 Views issue no. 103, January 2014: 

    This issue addresses the final phase of the Hyogo Framework for Action (2005-2015) and the consultations for a post 2015 framework for disaster risk reduction (or HFA2), which resulted in the identification of certain key areas or themes that need to be focused at and addressed by this framework. It explores these key areas for the Asia-Pacific region, with special focus on addressing ‘Local Level Action’. 

    The content includes: (i) Towards a Post 2015 Framework for DRR (HFA2); (ii) SAARC on Child Safety; (iii) Climate Change and Uttarakhand Disaster; (iv) Silchar is Getting Prepared: Big Risks in Small Towns; (v) Small and Many Voices on SiEMEx 2013; (vi) Taking Risk Reduction to the Last School; (vii) Gender Gap in Hyogo Framework for Action?; (viii) Cities under Restoration; (ix) Facilitation of Disaster Information Management: GLIDE; (x) Towards HFA 2: Some Remaining Items; (xi) Rights Protection, Accountability and Disaster Risk Reduction; (xii) Partnership with Private Sector in Preparedness.

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