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  • 2012
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  • Created by Anshuman Karol August 27 - Category: Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment - Tags: governance  local governance  Global Charter  Right to Participation  LogoLink  Democratic Governance  Citizen Leaders  Civil Society Organisations. 
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    Global Charter on “Right to Participation in Local Democratic Governance” is formulated by LogoLink (Learning Initiative on Citizen Participation in Local Governance). LogoLink through this Global Charter not only advocates for actualising citizens’ right to participation in local democratic governance but also suggests concrete steps and mechanisms that will facilitate public institutions in realising just and equitable governance with active citizen participation. The preparation of Global Charter is catalysed through numerous deliberations involving a range of stakeholders – citizen leaders, practitioners, civil society organisations, policy makers, elected representatives, media, academia, and so on. It is envisaged that the Global Charter will enable deepening of citizen participation in local democracy by scaling-up, mainstreaming and institutionalising citizen participation in all spheres of democratic governance.