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  • July 2013
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  • Created by Lenin Raghuvanshi August 28 - Category: Implementation and Management - Tags: pvchr  Dignity  JMN  Testimonial Therapy 
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    This final report contains the end-line evaluation findings of RCT and PVCHR's TOV program dubbed as Promoting a Psycho-Legal Framework to Reduce Torture and Organized Violence (TOV) in India.
    The program’s over-all objective is ensuring a strong and well-organized testimonial campaign that contribute to eliminate impunity for perpetrators of torture in India. The program had developed the capacity of PVCHR as a knowledge centre that promotes the testimonial therapy for psychosocial rehabilitation of the torture survivors and advances advocacy for the prevention of torture. The program likewise utilized the testimonial therapy as a psycho-legal intervention implemented at the individual and community level for healing and empowerment. The testimonial therapy had served as a bridge between rehabilitation and advocacy in the fight against torture in India.