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  • Addressing Sexual Harassment at the Workplace Advocacy and Dialogue
  • This community of practice has been designed to bring together practitioners who have experience of working on the issue of sexual harassment at the workplace. It is an attempt to build conversations and dialogues across borders and cultures, as a strategy to combat sexual harassment in the workplace globally and move towards building spaces for women which are gender sensitive and free from all forms of discrimination.
    Some of the objectives of the COP on Addressing Sexual Harassment at the Workplace will be:
    • To create a network of practitioners, lawyers, educationists, CSOs, and others
    • To share experiences and perceptions
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Addressing Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

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  • Jamie Myrah joined the group Addressing Sexual Harassment at the Workplace
    • January 17
  • Shivani  Singh
    Shivani Singh: STEP OUT

    In the struggle for independence women participated in great numbers to the realize the dream of a nation which is our own. Once we achieved the long drawn dream women headed back to their houses thinking the Indian rulers will sculpt a society ...  more
    • January 3
    • Shivani  Singh
      Nathalene Reynolds Dear Shivani, thanks for your comments. Interesting that in France, the horrible rape that happened in Delhi made the headlines. Figures there are not good either.
      Listening to a French programme yesterday, I learnt more of French society’s reaction when ...  more
      • January 8
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  • Veena Halwe
  • Shivani  Singh
    Shivani Singh: Last night I was in CCD and picked up a pamphlet on 'UN women's 'Freedom from Violence' photo competition. We need to make a statement with photos and show the world what it means to us. For more details please log on to :  more
    • January 1
  • Shivani  Singh
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    • December 28, 2012
  • Shivani  Singh
    Shivani Singh joined the group Addressing Sexual Harassment at the Workplace
    • December 26, 2012
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