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Licensing Agreement

PRACTICE IN PARTICIPATION opts for Creative Commons licences (http://creativecommons.org/), as they are agreements that allow authors to maintain copyright of their materials, whilst allowing users varying levels of access and use. By opting for the Creative Commons-type licence, readers will be able to effectively view precisely how authors/publishers want their documents used, and potentially include documents in their similar collections.

The benefit of this is that an author’s/publisher’s conditions remain constant and inviolable, but one does not have to engage in a new negotiation process about redistribution with every individual/organisation which wishes to use/redistribute the documents/resources under the conditions specified in the licence. This allows, for example, documents/resources to be legally re-used in educational programmes, or redistributed on (non-commercial) CDRoms.

For the documents/resources uploaded on the website, PRACTICE IN PARTICIPATION uses the Creative Commons “Attribution non-commercial no-derivatives agreement”. This license is the most restrictive of the six main Creative Commons licenses.

By uploading a resource on to the PRACTICE IN PARTICIPATION platform you agree that the resource can be made available online and used free of charge, under the conditions of the Creative Commons licence. The full text of the licence agreement can be viewed at here

By downloading a resource from PRACTICE IN PARTICIPATION, you agree to abide by the conditions of the agreement under which the author/publisher has uploaded and made available the resource on this portal. Downloading/copying documents/resources available on PRACTICE IN PARCTICIPATION allows you share them with others as long as you mention the original author, title of the work and the publisher’s name, and (if on the web) link back to the original site, but you can't change the resources in any way or use them commercially.