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    Global Charter: Right to Participation in Local Democratic Governance - Consultations from South Asian Region.


    LogoLink has initiated the formulation of a “Global Charter on Right to Participation in Local Democratic Governance”. It is envisaged that the Global Charter will enable deepening of citizen participation in local democracy by scaling-up, mainstreaming and institutionalising citizen participation in all spheres of democratic governance. In order to discuss draft Global Charter ( documents/692/142/global-charter-on-right-to-participation-in-local-democratic-governance) PRIA along with its partner organisations in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka jointly organised consultations.

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    Posted by PiP Administrator December 3, 2013

    Strengthening Institutional Responses to Address and Prevent Violence against Dalit women in Haryana ?

    PRIA has been working in Sonepat, Haryana from the period of 2011-13 on the issue of violence against Dalit women. Through a variety of intervention, PRIA supported institutional responses in the district of Sonepat. This policy brief is based on the specific experiences and offers recommendations for making these institutions responsive to prevent and address violence against Dalit women. Read and download full document...

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