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  • June 2014
  • 2014

PRIA’s Engagements with Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs)

Created by Wafa Singh June 20, 2014 - Category: Learning and Training - Tags: #PRIA  #community based research  #community engagement  #UNESCO Chair  #social responsibility  #higher educational institutions  #Rajesh Tandon 
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PRIA has engaged with academia in a multitude of interventions, bringing community and practitioner knowledge into the portals of traditional research institutions and processes. By doing this, PRIA has helped Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) realize their social responsibility towards a community’s needs and aspirations. This document traces PRIA’s work in promoting community engagement within HEIs in India and beyond. The experience, garnered over three decades, have been classified into six categories to highlight the different forms PRIA’s interventions as a facilitator have taken to build bridges between the world of formal research, the practitioner knowledge of civil society actors and the experiential knowledge of local communities. The experiences discussed in this paper are not intended to be comprehensive; a few specific interventions are described under each category to illustrate the nature of the engagements fostered and the practices promoted.

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