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Global Charter: Right to Participation in Local Democratic Governance - Consultations from South Asian Region.

Created by Anshuman Karol March 7, 2014 - Category: Advocacy and Dialogue - Tags: #Global Charter  #Right to Participation  #LogoLink  #Democratic Governance  #citizen participation  #South Asia 
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LogoLink has initiated the formulation of a “Global Charter on Right to Participation in Local Democratic Governance”. It is envisaged that the Global Charter will enable deepening of citizen participation in local democracy by scaling-up, mainstreaming and institutionalising citizen participation in all spheres of democratic governance. In order to discuss draft Global Charter ( documents/692/142/global-charter-on-right-to-participation-in-local-democratic-governance) PRIA along with its partner organisations in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka jointly organised consultations.