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  • March 2014
  • 2013

Climate Smart Disaster Risk Management in Action

Created by Mihir Bhatt March 11, 2014 - Category: Advocacy and Dialogue - Tags: #governance  #Climate Change  #Disaster Risk Management  #gender  #Civil Society/NGOs  #Environment 
0 comments, 850 views, 0 likes issue no. 102, December 2013:

Integrating disaster and climate risk at local level is the way to go. But how it happens? All India Disaster Mitigation Institute has recently completed more than 100 issues of This success is possible only due to the contribution of 345 writers belonging to 188 organizations from India and 33 countries, covering 13 disasters, spanning over 30 themes and 11 important policy discourses.


The content includes:
i. Institutionalising CSDRM Approach: Towards Effective Results to Cope against Climate Change 

ii. India’s Commitment to CBDRM
iii. Conference of Parties in Warsaw: What It Hesitated to Discuss?
iv. National Commitment to Minimise the Negative Impact of Disasters
v. How can Communities Help Unravel the Adaptation Finance Web?
vi. Coping with Disaster – Home Truths from the Cyclone Aila
vii. CIVIL SOCIETY and the STATE: Turkey after the Earthquake
viii. Innovations in Green Economy: Top Three Agenda
ix. Reducing Mismatch in CSDRM Priorities
x. Livelihood Diversification: Reducing Climate Dependency
xi. Significant Accomplishments of GSDMA in 2013
xii. Understanding Disasters Differently
xiii. Ecosystem based Disaster Risk Reduction
xiv. Cyclone Phailin
xv. Gender and CSDRM Approach: A Social Science View
xvi. Sustainable Energy for All

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