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  • March 2014
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Towards HFA2: addressing local level action

Created by Mihir Bhatt March 11, 2014 - Category: Advocacy and Dialogue - Tags: #governance  #Climate Change  #Vulnerable Populations  #gender  #Education & School Safety  #Public-private Partnerships  #Urban Risk & Planning 
1 comment, 1,102 views, 0 likes issue no. 103, January 2014: 

This issue addresses the final phase of the Hyogo Framework for Action (2005-2015) and the consultations for a post 2015 framework for disaster risk reduction (or HFA2), which resulted in the identification of certain key areas or themes that need to be focused at and addressed by this framework. It explores these key areas for the Asia-Pacific region, with special focus on addressing ‘Local Level Action’. 

The content includes: (i) Towards a Post 2015 Framework for DRR (HFA2); (ii) SAARC on Child Safety; (iii) Climate Change and Uttarakhand Disaster; (iv) Silchar is Getting Prepared: Big Risks in Small Towns; (v) Small and Many Voices on SiEMEx 2013; (vi) Taking Risk Reduction to the Last School; (vii) Gender Gap in Hyogo Framework for Action?; (viii) Cities under Restoration; (ix) Facilitation of Disaster Information Management: GLIDE; (x) Towards HFA 2: Some Remaining Items; (xi) Rights Protection, Accountability and Disaster Risk Reduction; (xii) Partnership with Private Sector in Preparedness.

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