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  • FROM JUNGLE RAJ TO HEALTH SWARAJ - use of Participatory Practices to Transform the Health of Villages in Gadchiroli district
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  • February 2014

Power of Gram Sabha

Created by Nishu Kaul February 11, 2014 - Category: Implementation and Management - Tags: #PRIA  #governance  #Gram Sabha  #Vrakshmitra  #forest protection committee  #Nyay Panchayat 
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This paper shares the role of Vrakshimitra, an NGO based in Nagpur, in strengthening Gram Sabha in the Mendha village of Gadchiroli district in Maharashtra. Gram Sabha in this village is a strong body which meets, discusses, debates and analyses the developmental activities of the village. The study circle, a group of people from the village and outside, assess the needs of people and bring it in notice of the Gram Sabha where the decisions are taken. It is this people’s body (Gram Sabha) which has introduced various rules to govern the village like setting up of Village Forest Protection Committees to guard the forests; Nyay Panchayat to maintain law and order in the village and also various innovations. This village, with support from Vrakshimitra, has been able to govern on the principle of self - rule and every individual in the village realises the power of people’s participation to ensure transparency in the developmental activities.