• Gender Mainstreaming Group
    43 members led by Ravshan Baratov
    This group was established as a follow up activity of the Capacity Building Workshop on Gender Mainstreaming, held by the Regional office of dvv international in South-East Asia in Cooperation with ASPBAE and PRIA on 25-27 September 2013.
    The objective of...  more
  • Communication and Social Change
    17 members led by Alfonso Gumucio
    The Communication and Social Change group is for those who conceive communication as a long term process of participation, not just as mass media or advocacy messages or specific tools. We want to stress the difference between communication and informatio...  more
  • Right to Participation in Local Democratic Governance
    91 members led by Anshuman Karol
    Practice in Participation ( on behalf of Logo Link – Learning Initiative on Citizen Participation and Local Governance (, invites your participation in the online Community of Practice (COP) on “Right to ...  more
  • Addressing Sexual Harassment at the Workplace
    7 members led by Nandita Bhatt
    This community of practice has been designed to bring together practitioners who have experience of working on the issue of sexual harassment at the workplace. It is an attempt to build conversations and dialogues across borders and cultures, as a strategy to combat sexual harassment in the workplace globally and move towards building spaces for women which are gender sensitive and free from all forms of discrimination.
    Some of the objectives of the COP on Addressing Sexual Harassment at the Workplace will be:
    • To create a network of practitioners, lawyers, educationists, CSOs, and others
    • To share experiences and perceptions
    • T...  more
  • Community Based Research
    9 members led by Namita Kumari
    This Community of Practice has been set-up in the background of the recent announcement about the new UNESCO Chair on Community-based Research(CBR), instituted with the mandate to support the enhancement of such capacity, especially in the global south. W...  more
  • Local Self-Governance Community of Practice
    12 members led by Anshuman Karol
    The Local Self-Governance Community of Practice (LSG COP) brings together elected representatives, practitioners, academicians, students, civil society organisations and government functionaries to share their stories of change, change processes, best practices and other relevant material on the issue of local self-governance.
    Objectives of LSG COP:
    1. Augmenting visibility of Local Self-Governance initiatives and approaches.
    2. Co-creating a repository of knowledge on processes, tools, catalysing changes, stories of change and best practices, etc....  more